Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bill Gates you should be ashamed

Bill Gates you should be ashamed of your operating system.

Having just wasted another 8 hours of my life getting a 1-2 year old Windows Operating System to perform at anything like an acceptable level I am convinced that Bill Gates should be ashamed of what he has launched on the world.

How can a company have created an operating system that does the following :-

  1. One service pack takes 3 hours to apply !
  2. Running one program (Google Chrome) takes 788Mb, this from the guy that told us we would never need more that 640k of memory !
  3. Boot up takes at least 2 mins - when Google Chrome states 8 seconds and OSX is about the same
  4. After running the already slow OS for more than 12 months requires a re-build of the OS !
Finally, he then wants £80+ to upgrade to the next version which claims to be less resource hungry - right I believe you !

I guess much of this is caused by TECHNICAL DEBT but Bill please take some of your personal fortune and create an OS that works.

Or let's hope that Apple or Google see you off.

I would love to do one of those calculations that works out how many man years Windows has cost mankind (like to one that figures out how fast Santa has to travel), perhaps I should start a Google survey, I would log about 3 weeks of my life.